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Fun Tractor T-Shirts


Sold Separately


Will trade brother / sister for tractor


Choose the tractor colour (will trade for tractor same colour)

Choose the Wheel Colour!



  • White T-Shirt
  • 100% Cotton
  • Supersoft
  • Available from 1-8yrs
  • Hand Printed to order using Premium Vinyl

    Will Trade Brother / Sister For Tractor - Fun Sibling T-Shirt's

    Tractor Colour
    Wheel Colour (inner circle)
    • Size Chart Height Width
      6-12mths 34cm 27cm
      1-2yrs 37cm 28cm
      2-3yrs 40cm 29cm
      3-4yrs 43cm 34cm
      4-5yrs 45cm 35cm
      5-6yrs 47cm 36cm


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